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Level Viimsi

Premium class private houses

Viimsi Level 1.4 – A modern style project of a one-story house is suitable for a comfortable stay of a family consisting of 4-6 persons. The space-planning structure has an elongated rectangular shape, giving dynamics to the silhouette.

The project of a one-story premium house Viimsi Level 1.4 is a private house where the best conditions for a comfortable life and relaxation are created. The author's architectural concept, luxurious finishes and modern design create an atmosphere of exceptional comfort in a calm and prestigious area of the city.

location Rebase tee , Haabneeme, Viimsi vald, 74001 Harju maakond
  • Premium class
    private house
  • 1 floor - 5 rooms
  • Parking
  • House energy
    class B
  • Commissioning
    in October, 2020

Premium class private house with designer finishing.
In a calm and prestigious area of the city.

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Viimsi Level 1.4 embodies the level of calmness, rhythm of life, combined with comfort and safety, in a calm and prestigious area of the city. That is why we called the new project of a premium class private house representing the advanced concept of modern city life.

This is a unique architecture project. The concept of living space is to combine and create architectural solutions for thoughtful planning.

Space-planning solutions
are created specifically for you:

Spacious dwelling accommodations, kitchen-living rooms, master bedrooms with dressing rooms, bath-bath complexes and storage places. Thoughtful organization of parking spaces. Your future house will seem to you 2 times bigger.

In each house, we will make upscale finishes in stylistic solutions: soft light colors with energetic accents. You just have to bring furniture, hang your favorite paintings and choose the curtains.

The VIIMSI LEVEL 1.4 finish option is made up in bright tones with smoky-white walls, light floors, textured ceramic tiles in the bathrooms.

VIIMSI LEVEL 1.4 it's not just an eco-friendly location with lots of greenery around and clean air. It is also a modern private residential building equipped with the up-to-date technologies, smart layouts, developed infrastructure when everything you need is already here, just round the corner.


Excellent transport accessibility even enhances the incredible atmosphere of this place

It is convenient to get to the city center. It will take you only 15 minutes to get to the center of Tallinn:

60-120 min on foot
45-60 min by bicycle
20-25 min by car
25-35 min using public transport

All is clock-work

The smooth operation of all life support systems at home is monitored by a professional team from a modern management company. They work with full dedication and always try to do a little more than is required. Individual air conditioning, heating, fine water filters, uninterrupted water supply, high-speed Internet, home security system – all is clock-work.

Sales office Suur-Ameerika tn 12, Tallinn 10119 (+372) 615 0072 kv@erial.ee