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Level 4.4

Premium townhouse

Viimsi Level 4.4 is a modern complex of TOWNHOUSES with the best conditions for comfortable life and leisure.

The original design concept, careful space organization, luxurious decoration, modern design and location in a quiet green area of the city create an atmosphere of incredible comfort.

location Laiamäe tee 6, Laiaküla, Viimsi vald, 74008 Harju maakond
  • 2 floors
  • 4 boxes in each
  • Parking
  • Energy
    class - B
  • Completion
    - August 2020

Viimsi Level 4.4 is a modern complex consisting of 3 TOWNHOUSES with the best conditions for comfortable life and leisure. 

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Get to know the price, have a look at the layouts
Get to know the price, have a look at the layouts
Get to know the price, have a look at the layouts


Viimsi Level 4.4 embodies the advanced concept of city life, combining peace, comfort and security in a prestigious green area. And that is why the new residential complex of premium townhouses has got its name.

Viimsi Level 4.4 is a unique design project. The space concept of the residential complex is the creation and combination of design solutions for sound planning.

in the smallest details

Buyers are offered a thoughtful functional solution with a fine finish in light colors using high quality materials.

The facade of the building is made of light and gray small-size facade plaster finish and decorative white panels. 

The classy combination of materials, clear pattern of fenestration and rectangular composition of the building are peaceful and designed in natural colors. The complex has extensive green area.

Planning solutions are created especially for you: spacious living rooms and kitchen-dinners, master bedrooms with dressing rooms and closets.  future house will seem to you 2 times bigger!

Even here we have decided to leave the last word to you - join the rooms as you like. An extra bedroom or study needed? Nothing's easier!

We will provide top-level finish in soft light colors with active accents in each house.

Finishing of VIIMSI LEVEL 4.4 in light colors with smoky white walls, light flooring, textured ceramic tiles in the bathrooms.

VIIMSI LEVEL 4.4 is not just an eco-friendly location with endless greenery around and clean air.

It is also a modern residential complex, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, smart layouts, developed infrastructure - everything you need is nearby. 


Excellent transport accessibility only enhances the incredible atmosphere of this place.

Getting to the city center is convenient, simple and quick.

60-120 min on foot
30-60 min by bike
10-20 min by car
10-20 min by public transport

All is clock-work!

Service on the 24/7 basis

The smooth operation of all life support house systems is monitored by a professional team of a modern property management company. Individual heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, fine water filters, uninterrupted water supply, high-speed Internet and home security system - all is order!

Sales office Suur-Ameerika tn 12, Tallinn 10119 (+372) 615 0072 kv@erial.ee