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Endla Manor

Premium-class apartments

The proprietary architectural concept, careful space arrangement, luxurious decoration and ultramodern design jointly create the unmatched comfort atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Endla tänav 61a, Tallinn 10615
  • 3 floors
  • 8 apartments
  • 1 level
    underground parking
  • Building energy
    efficiency class - B
  • Commissioning –
    September 2020
Floor Apartment number Rooms Area, m2 Balcony m2 Price, EUR
1 1 4 97,3 - 350 000.-
1 2 3 103,5 17,3 365 000.-
Floor Apartment number Rooms Area, m2 Balcony m2 Price, EUR
2 3 3 77,5 - 275 000.-
2 4 2 46,2 - 159 000.-
2 5 4 95,8 - 340 000.-
Floor Apartment number Rooms Area, m2 Balcony m2 Price, EUR
3 6 3 71,9 - 249 000.-
3 7 2 44,5 - 149 000.-
3 8 4 85,6 - 299 000.-
Floor Parking place number Area, m2 Price, EUR
-1 P1 13,0 15 600.-
-1 P2 13,5 16 200.-
-1 P3 13,0 15 600.-
-1 P4 13,5 16 200.-
-1 P5 13,5 16 200.-
Floor Parking place number Area, m2 Price, EUR
0 P6 13,1 9 170.-
0 P7 13,1 9 170.-
0 P8 13,1 9 170.-
Floor Place number Area, m2 Price, EUR
-1 1 3,4 6 000.-
-1 2 2,7 6 000.-
-1 3 2,7 6 000.-
-1 4 2,9 6 000.-
-1 5 2,3 6 000.-


Welcome to Manor!

Manor is a middle-age definition of the main building in the patrimony, which has been always distinguished owing to its personal touch and luxury! That is why we've chosen the same definition for the new building with premium-class apartments, located in the heart of the Kristiine district in Tallinn. It is the embodiment of advanced concept of modern comfortable life in a large city.

Endla Manor is the environment created for accommodation of the people related to the same circle, who share similar interests and have a matching vector for movement: of successful, educated, talented, ambitious people who are able to achieve the set goals. Here you will reveal much more than just premium-class apartments — it is a real source of energy and new inspiring concepts for achieving the most ambitious goals.


The building facade embodies the concept of crossing cultures and styles. It is made of three materials: light brown wood, light-colored finely dispersed finishing bonding plaster for facade and black decorative boards.

The building bright material combination, strict rhythm of windows and rectangular composition - all these features represent prompt innovative solutions and the environment of free creative search.

Combine and rule!

Layout concepts in ENDLA MANOR are created for your comfort! We've thought through 3 types of the perfect apartments: 2-room, 3-room and 4-room apartments. Spacious kitchen-living rooms, master bedrooms with dressing rooms, storage rooms and absence of corridors - all the mentioned aspects determine the impression that your future apartment is twofold bigger!

Even here we decided to leave the final word with you – you are provided the opportunity to combine apartments as you like and create the layout of your dream. Do you need an extra bedroom or study? There is nothing easier!

is the house you've been
waiting for so long!

you need!

Each apartment is top-tier finished in line with two stylistic concepts: softer in light tones and more brutal with energetic accents.

You will only have to bring furniture, hang your favorite paintings and select curtains!


Light-colored, facile, positive

ENDLA MANOR finish option - in bright colors with smoky white walls, light colored floor, patterned ceramic tiles in the bathroom.


ENDLA MANOR is the energy-filled place where the large city pulse is felt more expressly. Excellent accessibility by transport only intensifies this incredible atmosphere.

Travel to the city center can take 5-15 minutes:

10-20 min on foot
5-15 min by bike
10-20 min by car
10-20 min by public transport

Customized air conditioning and heating system, fine water filters, uninterrupted water supply, high-speed Internet, security system of the building and underground parking – everything runs like clockwork.

Service on the 24/7 basis

The expert team of employees from contemporary management company monitors the failure-free operation of all life support facilities in the building. They work giving their best and always try to do everything perfectly and even a little more! facile, positive

Sales office Suur-Ameerika tn 12, Tallinn 10119 (+372) 615 0072 kv@erial.ee